How to care for your crowns to make them last longer?

How to care for your crowns to make them last longer?

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It starts immediately after purchase. 

Clay crowns require special attention when cleaning, as it is the most susceptible to absorbing flavours (molasses), it can be cleaned well in several ways. Once you have purchased a new crown, we recommend that you take care of it before using it for the first time. Just follow a number of simple rules.

Rinse the crown with cold water to remove dust from it. Then place it in warm water for 15-20 minutes. The most important thing is not to put it in boiling water. The crown should be soaked in enough water to saturate the pores and give the clay its working surface. After soaking, remove the crown from the water, wipe it off and allow it to dry completely for 20-40 MINUTES. Next, you should load your test pipe, ideally using tobaccos you won't regret. This will tighten the pores in the crown. You may smell the smell of clay when you first smoke it. After the first use, rinse, let dry and you can charge merrily on.

Why do clay crowns require special care?

The clay crowns are made from natural raw materials. These crowns are shaped by hand on a potter's wheel and then fired in special kilns at high temperature. Clay is a relatively durable material and has been used for various objects since ancient times.

The surface of the crown has a porous structure through which the molasses from the tobacco mixture penetrates deep into the crown. Some ceramics are coated with a glaze that prevents the molasses from penetrating the crown, but the glaze promotes more heat conduction, which can cause your pipe to burn quickly.

If you don't take care of your crowns, over time it can affect the taste when you smoke.

Hygiene rules for clay crowns.

After finishing smoking the pipe, let the crown cool down, it should be barely warm to the touch. Then rinse it with water and let it dry. Ideally rinse with water and allow to dry for 10-15 minutes before using it again, this method will protect the clay crown and greatly increase its long term functionality.

If the crown needs a general cleaning, use one of the following recommendations:

-Place in hot water, not boiling, and let the crown soak well, this is usually enough to remove the smell and pull the molasses out of the pores.

-We can put the corn in the oven and bake it, it will smoke a lot, but we will get molasses out of it more effectively.

-Use water with baking soda.

Tips to help extend the life of your crown.

If you want your clay crown to last a long time, follow these rules.

- Remove tobacco immediately after smoking from the crown. The main cause of crown pore contamination is cooling of the molasses inside the crown, the pores narrow and the molasses remains in them and is difficult to wash out.

- Try using caloud, it distributes the heat inside the crown more properly, unlike tinfoil.

-Buy more than one type of crown, use some purely for light tobacco, some for black tobacco.