Hookah tobacco - how to choose?

Hookah tobacco - how to choose?

Last time we explained crowns and today we will look at tobacco.

We're going to be showing the possibilities of hookah tobacco today.

Today there are dozens of brands of tobacco and hundreds of flavours, the market has taken off the chain in the last few years and every year a new brand and countless flavours are added to the market. Even in the Czech Republic in the last few years there have been more distributors and under them imports of different brands of tobacco such as Dark Side, Tangiers, MIX TO, Maridan, Adalya and others.

Now to the tobacco itself.

Hookah tobacco is divided into two main categories, "light" and "black", according to their country of production, the tobacco leaf used, and last but not least, the heat resistance.

Tobacco leaf we have Oriental, Burley, Virginia and sometimes cigar leaf is used.

Virginia is the most commonly used tobacco for making pipe goodies, the strength of the tobacco is adjusted by the brand preparation used, which is secret.

Burley is the second most widely used leaf tobacco, and its nicotine content is higher than that of Virginia. Oriental is not used as much, usually a brand will use it lightly, but it is a few percent.

Light tobacco is characterised by being weaker than black tobacco, using the Virginia leaf, which is modified to lower the nicotine content to make it weaker. So ideal for beginners with pipes.

The portfolio of flavors is really huge, we get from fruity, citrus, creamy flavors, to unusual flavors like basil. The most used brands of light tobacco in the Czech Republic are Adalya, 7-days, Maridan, Al-fakher, Element and MIX TO.

Black tobacco is characterized by strength, but it depends on the brand. Most often the same Virginia tobacco leaf is used, but here it is blended into a mixture of I Burley or Oriental, some tobaccos are purely Burley leaf based. There is also a rich portfolio and truer flavors for us. I would mention highlights like chili, salmon and steak. Brands available in the country are Dark Side, Tangiers, Element, Spectrum and newly there will be I Black Burn, WTO and others.

Some interesting facts about tobacco.

MIX TO is a tobacco blend where the tobacco dry matter is separately enriched with flavourings and a bottle of glycerine is added. Just pour the glycerin into the blend, stir the tobacco leaf and you are ready to smoke. You will be surprised by the pleasant price of this product.

Another of the interesting tobaccos is WTO, there is no Virginia or Burley used here, it is cigar leaves after a minimum of four years of fermentation. It is sold in several lines. Cuba - this is a weaker line without the use of flavourings, Tanzania - a much stronger line but still a weaker line, Caribbean - this is a stronger line than the previous two mentioned, Nicaragua - the strongest line, Perique - a strong and very limited line, only a few tonnes are produced per year for the whole world.

Black Burn is a tobacco that contains Burley leaf, which makes it stronger than Dark Side. This is not its only advantage. Another interesting feature is the production process itself, where, unlike the usual cooking of raw tobacco leaves, the manufacturer uses the softening of the tobacco in a special mixture for 48 hours, followed by fermentation for 2 weeks. This ensures a better consistency of the product.

Tangiers is a tobacco that originated in America in 2000 and has maintained its quality even after 20 years. It is a tobacco that the pipe maker can play with, because it is a tobacco that can be loaded for flavour but also for strength. The tobacco has four lines, BIRQUQ - the weakest line, NOIR - the most widespread line, also available in the Czech Republic.

F-LINE - is like the Noir line, but enriched with caffeine, BURLEY - the strongest line contains Burley leaf, compared to other lines that contain Virginia leaf. This tobacco can withstand more heat.

Also worth mentioning is the Chabacco brand net tobacco, it is a "tobacco" but it is made from tea leaves, no tobacco dry matter is used. This brand has three ranges, Nicotine Free, Medium and Hard. The Medium range is available in the Czech Republic and the portfolio amounts to 17 flavours.

Finally, I would like to mention an interesting project called Theo, which is a Czech producer. We know him personally and he tries to do it in the best possible way. He has 13 flavours in his portfolio.