Hookah tobacco - MIX TO

Hookah tobacco - MIX TO

Today we will tell you about a new tobacco called MIX TO. and its main benefits.

Virginia blend tobacco is used and the entire production takes place in Germany. It will surprise you not only with its functionality and quality, but also with its price.

The preparation consists in the fact that when you buy it you get two pixels, in one of them is the tobacco dry matter already combined with aromas and in the other one is neutral glycerin, thanks to this you just need to pour the glycerin into the tobacco dry matter, mix it and after 30 seconds the tobacco is ready to smoke, from personal experience I recommend waiting for an hour. This method makes the price beautiful, starting at 350 CZK for a pack which is 100 g total (30 g dry matter and 70 g glycerin).

We have found it most useful to load tobacco into a glazed phunnel, such as Oblako M, because of its thermal properties, where the tobacco has a full flavour and does not scratch the throat. If you're not a phunnel advocate, the tobacco rides beautifully in the classic as well.

All the flavours are being fine-tuned for our market, especially the use of menthol, to make it more fitting and the menthol is not dominant. Which is definitely a big plus.

So far we have 6 flavours available, but don't despair, there are plans to expand the portfolio with 5 more flavours so you can fine tune your favourite pipe mix.

Current list of flavours.

  • RED RUBY JUNGLE - banana, raspberry and currant.
  • TANGOMAN - mango, tangerine and mint.
  • EXOTIC LOVE - tropical fruit with melons.
  • BLACK PASSION – mango, passion fruit and blackberry.
  • BITCOIN - lemon with mint and sweet candy.
  • PYNCH MNT - peach and mint.