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Bowl - Oblako Flow Vinous on Black

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Oblako are very popular ceramic Bowl sproduced in Volgograd. Milk firing and food glaze are used in the production, which has a positive effect both on the taste of tobacco and on the great appearance and durability Bowls. Bowlsfor hookah oblako production in three shapes - phunnel, killer and also flow. Oblako it has the widest color skarta, more than 150 species.

Revolutionary novelty of the manufacturer Oblako - is the Flow model is new forma, which allows you to smoke strong tobaccos, emphasize their taste and consume less coal! It's all about the glazed cone, which gains heat when the bowl is heated and helps maintain the desired temperature of the mixture when smoking.

Around this cone there is air, which ensures perfect air circulation, which will not allow the tobacco to overheat.

HMS compatible

Tobacco consumption: 15-20 gr.