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Upgrade Form

Bowl - Upgrade Form Standard

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Great Bowl on the hookah UPG ("upgrade form") - a modern shape that has fallen in love with a number of connoisseurs of delicious hookahs around the world. Thanks to its carefully tuned shape, the tobacco in the crown heats up evenly, which is essential for its taste.

Bowl it is made of white clay - more precisely, it is a semi-porcelain, which is made at a temperature of 1200 degrees, which gives the crown a very solid basis to perfectly conduct heat for years. In addition, the Upg is very durable due to its shape Bowl when falling to the floor.

Bowl Is suitable for any type Hookahs. We recommend this type Bowls "upgrade mold" to buy for daily home smoking, maximum then for 2 - 3 people.

Tobacco consumption: 15-18gr.