Hookah - Sky Vertigo Purple

Sky Hookah

Hookah - Sky Vertigo Purple

Discount price€112,70

Sky hookah and its model Vertigo, which is an act from Ukraine, will enchant you not only with its workmanship, but also with its functionality.

The inner part of the pipe is made of food grade stainless steel and the decoration is made of polymer resin. stem the pipes match the color of the mouthpiece, each piece is original, handmade, thanks to which you have your piece of the galaxy.

You will also be interested in the check valve at the pipe, which is from the center of the body and smokes around.

The manufacturer is inspired by the universe, which also has endless possibilities, such as the choice of colors, you can buy the pipe in several colors.

Included Hookahs is: tray, stemmouthpiece, diffuser, Silicone Plug and a snag.

Pipe height: 50.5 cm.

The vase is not included