Hookah - Vintage Tradi
Hookah - Vintage Tradi


Hookah - Vintage Tradi

Discount price€137,20

Hookah manufacturer Vintage launches a new model - Vintage Tradi. If you want to have a proven stainless steel pipe and not pay for it unnecessarily, Vintage Tradi is an ideal way.

Hookah it is really heavy and made of stainless steel AISI 304.

The connector is stainless steel and attaches to the body of the pipe on the o-rings. The pipe has a nice wooden box where you can find everything you need except a vase and HMS.

Part of the package Hookahsthem: stem, tray, snag, Silicone Plug, Tongs, hoses and Bowl

Pipe height: 52cm.

Material:Stainless steel
Hookah height:52